The Holy Shrine

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The Holy Shrine

He sees a holy shrine within himself.

More he looks to the shrine more he becomes refreshed.

All the memories are buried inside the shrine and the warrior sees the time.

Getting strength and courage form the shrine he beautifies his present moments.

The shrine dazzles in the sunshine.

Amidst intense activity he gets all strength from it and feels the divine.

The memories dazzle one by one in his mind.

Feeling rejuvenated and refreshed he cares not any adverse wind.

Sitting under the shadow of the shrine he sheds many tear drops.

Thinking of his childhood,youth and his present age he stops.

He has still to go many miles to fulfill his dreams and hopes.

There fore he loves the shrine with his heart and soul and his life becomes sublime.

The shrine is the store house of all knowledge and power.

The knowledge which he has gained since childhood till date all those he finds inside the shrine.

Feeling rejuvenated and refreshed he performs his duty wasting no time.

He feels blessed when ever he visits the shrine.

The shrine is the store house of vast experiences.

Learning from the experiences he advances with courage and confidence.

Experience is the greatest teacher of mankind and he learns many things from the shrine.

The shrine teaches him to be practical in life and he becomes the same with out deviating.

He sees the Lord inside the shrine and in all his memories.

More he analyzes those more closer he comes to the divine.

The shrine teaches him how to struggle in life.

So he becomes confident to spend the rest part of his life with all beauty.

The manifestation of the Lord in each of his memories fills his mind with tremendous love.

Loving self and others he advances with all hopes.

Serving his organization,family and society he is filled with all cheers.

Love for God predominates his mind and he surges ahead with out fears,

The shrine dazzles in the silence of the night.

The full moon blesses it with its light.

The gentle wind makes it feel rejuvenated and refreshed and life becomes bright.

Sitting inside the shrine he looks to his mental screen.

All the sweet and by gone days come and go and kiss him.

Getting all the love from the days which he has spent he advances by the direction of the divine.

He merges in all sweetness and rests inside the shrine.

Looking to the broad sky the mind becomes one with it and he rests inside the slumber of the night,

In the dawn he feels the shrine to be beautiful and afresh.

He joins duty getting all its essence.

The shrine loves him and gives him number of kisses.

He performs his duty with utmost courage and confidence.

The shrine is ever lively and vibrant in his life.

Worshipping the shrine he merges in it.

In utter loneliness the shrine is his friend,philosopher and guide.

Learning many things from the shrine he makes his life beautiful and bright.

The shrine always stands like a light house showing him the right direction.

Moving in proper direction he gets all pleasure and never feels alone.

The light always shows him the things and the beings in their true spirit and clarity.

Having a better understanding of every thing he moves with all sincerity.

The shrine always takes him on the success path.

It never allows him to weep by keeping him on the right track.

By the help of the shrine he sees his life from a very closer prospective.

The life becomes beautiful and its songs bright.

The shrine has ample hopes for him.

Touching his head on the floor of the shrine he feels sacred.

Gone are the days but the shrine has remained.

He sleeps on the floor of the shrine and with all peace and bliss feels the divine.

The blessings of the divine keeps the shrine vibrant and dynamic.

Becoming like a sacred river he washes it.

More he washes the shrine there is emancipation of more beaury.

Standing erect and facing the waves of the life he feels his future to be bright.

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The Holy Shrine

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This article was published on 2012/03/30